Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kylie & Mojo Relaxing

Here's Kylie laying on Mojo. He's so totally family oriented that if
you lay on him when he's trying to sleep, it actually comforts him
and he settles right in. Pit bulls are such lovers!

Night Photo iPhone app test

Here's a quick test of the iPhone app, "Night Photo". It uses the
accelerometers to tell when the camera is still, then actuates the
shutter. Works pretty well. As a photographer, I'm pretty good at
holding my breath while I take a picture to minimize shaking. It's
almost automatic with me. Even with that, it's hard to get a good
shot under some circumstances. This app really makes a difference.
Everyone's hands shake a little bit, and this app takes advantage of
the fact that in order to shake, the hand has to stop before it
changes direction to shake the other way, back and forth. The instant
you stop moving, it takes the shot. Pretty cool!

Monday, November 24, 2008

End of the photo dry spell

I was in Pets Plus in Mays Landing. My daughter was holding this
gorgeous Conure. It was a sweet bird as birds go. It was content to
walk across her fingers, back and forth from hand to hand. She was in
heaven. She totally loves animals, and even more so loves to interact
with new species.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Puppy Snuggle

So, here's my son trying sooo hard to pick up Mojo and snuggle with him like when he was a puppy. Well, we call him puppy, but, my son's aching back pretty much showed that all 85lbs of Mojo is all grown up. As much as a full grown pit bull loves to snuggle, he's a big-assed dog.

Snuggling on the couch...ok. Picking him up for a little hug...not so much.

Little dogs

As a rule, I prefer big dogs. I've always owned big dogs. Akitas
before and now a large male pit bull. So, when I was in the mall pet
store and my daughter asked to see this long-haired dachsund, I was
less than enthusiastic. After playing with him for a little while,
though, I can say, he was quite pleasant. He won't be catching any
frisbees or pulling me down the block on roller blades, but, as
companions go, he impressed me. First, we took out a miniature
pinscher be he was way too mouthy. This guy was just right. Playful
for a while, then, settled right into her lap.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Snake boy's Boa

Here's a half-decent iPhone pictureof my son's Cook's Tree Boa. It has the most beautiful pearly, iridescent color. It's also aggressive as hell! Nothing like my ball python who's as docile as a piece of rope.